Sunday Classics

Excited to be performing Gene Clark's great album "No Other" live at The Crossroad Club in Oslo Aug 19th. Parts of it will be solo, but I have a couple of friends joining me on some of the songs. This is such a great album, great songs and production, it will be rather exciting and a bit nerve-wrecking to see how it works more or less acoustically.

The Truth

Here's "The Truth" - a new song that will be recorded on my upcoming second album. This stripped down duo version of the song is a part of a mini concert that Annar By - guitarist and singer in my band - and I did at Innlandsscenen live on Norwegian radio P1 Hed&Opp May 7th. The whole performance and interview was filmed and can be seen here:

I wrote "The Truth" after having a dream that was soundtracked by Robert Plant's song "29 Palms". I had been playing the song on repeat for a week - such a feel-good song! - so no wonder it would appear in one of my dreams as well. In the middle of my Robert Plant-soundtracked dream, I was awoken by a text message from my boyfriend - in Australia at the time - writing me that he was sitting straight accross from a venue in Adelaide where Robert Plant would be playing that very evening! This Plant-coinsidence blew my mind in such a way that there was no way I could go back to sleep, and I reached out for a pen and paper and just let the lyrics flow. Then I got my guitar - the melody was pretty much just there in my head already matching the lyrics - and in about 1 hour the song was finished. I thought "if I'm able to sing this in the shower tomorrow morning, this song will stay with me", and went back to bed. "The Truth" stayed with me alright, and now it will be recorded on my second album. So, thanks Mr. Plant, for expressing yourself in a way that makes me feel so good, and thanks to my love for understanding the importance of a Plant-concert and waking me up in the middle of the night from the other side of the planet so I could write this song.

Wonderful "Golden Town" review

December 2013 issue of Norwegian magazine TARA, contains a wonderful review of "Golden Town", by Tom Skjeklesæther:

"Signe Marie Rustad´s debut album "Golden Town" is a real gold rush of strong songs, performed by a voice that gives the lyrics 100% credibility. The lyrics seem quite personal, but at the same time they are so poetically well tuned that they never appear to be private. I dare to suggest that Signe Marie Rustad was last year's best Norwegian debutant, maybe even that "Golden Town" was last year´s overall very best release."

"Well I'm going out to Denver to see if I can't find...."

We've had two great days of playing in Colorado so far. Nov 1st was spent in the cozy courtyard of The Kanon Collective art gallery in Denver and
Nov 2nd at The Windy Saddle Cafe in Golden "Town". Thank you everyone who's come to listen so far, we've had so much fun and felt so welcomed.
Next concert up is Swallow Hill in Denver, Nov 7th, a place we've heard great things about!

The Kanon Collective - Denver - Nov 1st 2013


Our Colorado-tour is coming up. We are so excited!
Annar and I are looking forward to playing songs off last years debut album "Golden Town" as well as new songs - and are also thrilled to be residing in the actual Golden Town while we are there.

Concert dates:

Nov 1st - The Kanon Collective, Denver CO
Nov 2nd - The Windy Saddle Café, Golden CO
Nov 7th - Swallow HIll Music Café, Denver CO
Nov 8th - The Laughing Goat, Boulder CO
Nov 9th - Paris on the Platte, Denver CO
Nov 14th - Club 156, Boulder CO
Nov 15th - The Walnut Room, Broadway, Denver CO
Nov 16th - The Windy Saddle Café, Golden CO

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